Newton Wanjala Nabiswa

Newton is aboy aged eight years old. He is the last born in a family of five children. They live with their parents in a rented house in the slums. The mother is always sick. She is suffering from Asthma and she does not come out of the house. She is under medication. The father being the bread winner, he does selling of newspaper on the streets. he is partially deaf which is detoriating as days goes on and you have to shuot to him as you speak or communicate with him. According to doctors the problem will go on until he is permanent deaf if not done operation which he can't afford to pay. newton is in class two and very bright boy. Due to the sickness of his parents, he is not able to attend school fully as other children do. A lot of money is used in buying the medicines of her mother this leading to poverty in the family. Newton needs to be helped to be able to attend or go on with his education and fullfil his dreams. All this is possible if only finacial assistance is provided towards him.

Newton Wanjala
Safarina Kaari (8 years)
OMDC brought this girl big smile, you too can join and help many children like her in need of special care and protection smile!!!!

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